Sound Transit Announces Delay for Connect 2020 Project

Seattle’s Sound Transit has announced that work will be delayed on the Connect 2020 project that will join new light rail to the Eastside into the existing system.

The delay was caused by insufficient electrical resistance readings over a segment of newly installed track. Sound Transit is working with its contractor to solve the problem. When the repairs are completed, there will be a closure of downtown Seattle stations in order to re-test and certify the new tracks.

“We are building Eastlink to serve the people of Puget Sound for generations, and we will insist on building it right, end-to-end,” said Peter M. Rogoff, Sound Transit CEO. “We regret this further inconvenience for our passengers, especially during this difficult time, and thank them for their continued patience.”

When Connect 2020 construction is complete, the existing tunnel will be configured for East Link in preparation for 2023 when light rail expands to 10 new East King County stations. Three new stations at U District, Roosevelt and Northgate will begin service in 2021.